As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and during this time we decided to compile stories of our friends and family that have battled breast cancer. From survivors to those who have passed, please take the time to read the stories contributed from friends, family members, and personal experiences.

  • Janet Wesson

    Honored by Jana Wesson-Martin

    My mom, Janet Wesson, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990. Her doctor told her she had 6 months to live.

    But she sought a second opinion and found another doctor who encouraged her to aggressively fight the cancer. Today she is 25 years cancer free.

    We are so thankful for her courage and valor. She thanks God daily for family and friends who prayed and for incredible medical care.

    Rock on, mom.

  • Joan Sanders

    Honored by Tawna Perry

    Hello, my name is Tawny Perry. I am honoring my Granny, Joan Sanders. She left this world on May 20, 2011, just three years after she was diagnosed with both breast and lung Cancer.

    She was the strongest person I know, fighting for her life, making memories with her family along the way. My Granny raised me and I owe so much to her for the person I am today.

    I hope and pray that I can be even have the woman that she was and always will be in my eyes. I see her in my son and only wish that she could have held him even just one time.

    Her memory will always love on in all of my family because she lived a life that touched us all.

  • Patsy Childress

    Honored by BJ McDonald

    My dear friend Patsy Childress, Midland, Texas has had such a long struggle fighting and surviving. She has never let this illness get her down continuing with the most positive outlook and always displaying that beautiful smile. She works a full time job, is a mother of 2 sons and a grandmother.

    Many years ago she decided she would use her strength to help other fighters. Her annual Chili and BBQ Cook Off has grown from a few friends and businesses cooking and contributing $2400.00 to this year $60,000.00 with another $10-$13,000.00 yet to be turned in!

    She has never let this illness get her down continuing with the most positive attitude and determination to help others.

    She is truly a Superwoman!

    Patsy Childress - Breast Cancer Honoree
  • Sunshine Emard

    Honored by Desaree Loston

    My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer back in May of this year. This isn't her first time fighting cancer.

    She fought and won against cervical cancer a few years after my sister was born. She is a retired law enforcement officer, so being a strong person is a part of her personality.

    Life has never been easy for her and she always had to work for anything she wanted. She has always mentioned that her greatest and proudest accomplishments were raising her 2 daughters, who went on to serve their country (one is in the Air Force and the other in the Navy).

    She loves her daughters and her grandsons more than anything! The love and support she has received from her daughters and friends have given her the needed strength to continue with her treatment and trust me there has been times when she didn't want to go to the cancer center.

    So is very strong and loving. She makes it a high priority in her life to help those less fortunate and to make a difference in others lives.

    So let's return the love by showing her lots of love, support, and encouragement!!! She is on the right in the picture.

    Sunshine Emard - Breast Cancer Honoree
  • Jo Manning

    Honored by Devon & Jessi Denomie

    Our mom is a strong loving person who will do anything for anyone in her life. She doesn't take enough time for herself.

    Even during her current treatments she is still trying to do for others and carry on her day-to-day life as if nothing is wrong with her. We love her and pray she conquers this nasty disease.

    She always says...."what doesn't kill us makes us stronger

  • Alma Adams

    Skye Adams

    In 2004, the worlds greatest mother of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Today she is 8 years cancer free!!!

    She is a HERO to her children, Jaime and me, Skye and her grandchildren Courtney and Clayton!!! We Love you so much Mom/Gram

  • Rene Rosas

    Honored by Rita Creadick

    Rene was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. This was a shock for us as we do not have a familial history.

    It was found early, so surgery, followed by five years of tamoxafin, was the only treatment required. For ten years she received clean check ups...and then a bombshell. Her cancer had returned.

    After two more surgeries, chemo, and radiation, she is once again cancer free. This second round was much harder, of course, but she made it through.

    It's been about a year and a half since she finished her treatments. We truly feel blessed.

  • Ruth Rhodes

    Honored by Christina Rhodes

    About 6 months ago my grandmother was given the horrific news that she had stage one breast cancer. The news did not affect her.

    She said that everything is God's will and she prayed and gave the Lord her stress. When it came time for surgery, they ended up taking her left breast. She stayed in great spirits the whole time.

    Even joking with the Dr. to take both, she is old and doesn’t need them anymore. She has since recovered very well and is doing great with her treatments. So far she is still cancer free and I get to spend many more years with her.

    This is very awesome, because I just found out that I am pregnant and she gets to be here to celebrate the birth of another great grandchild.

  • Sherry Wheaton-Wert

    Honored by Dave Wheaton

    Sherry is my big sister, a wife, a mother of 3, and an amazing person who is nearly one year removed from chemo treatments.

    Her strength and resilience has been awe-inspiring. I'm extremely proud of my sister and draw strength from knowing what she's gone through to beat cancer.

  • Shay Hill

    Honored by Frank Pain

    Shay is not only a co-worker but a close friend. I've known Shay for many years. I've seen her go through many ups and downs, but nothing compares to watching her battle with breast cancer.

    I can remember the day she told me like it was yesterday. There were tears in her eyes, but breaking through those tears was a level of strength and courage I had never seen in her.

    That strength and courage grew as each day passed. I don't want to go into a ton of detail about her battle, I just wanted to say that she's been a huge inspiration to us all here at Townsquare Media.

    Shay, you're our hero.

  • Shay Hill

    Honored by Rudy Fernandez

    Shay is a fun loving, generous, adventurous and has a love for life, animals, the great outdoors, the Yankees, the Aggies and her dog Horatio.