Did you know Abilene has a Planetarium? If you have elementary aged kids then you might; but did you know it's also open to the public? Only a handful of planetariums exist in Texas so this is a treat for Abilene. You don't have to be on a school 'field trip' in order to visit the planetarium either. It's very inexpensive and a great learning experience for the young and old.

If you love all things space related then the Abilene ISD Morgan Jones Planetarium is the perfect place for you.

I loved going to the planetarium as a kid. I actually forget that you can still go as an adult too. I loved going into the big, round, dark room sitting in the lounge chairs and having the stars come out and see all the constellations. It's just like being outside.

When you walk into the foyer of the building you are able to walk around and see moon rocks, telescopes and even a space suit. Then you will move on to the learning classroom where you will find out some unique facts about our planet and others. Finally, you get to go into the 'star room' as I like to call it. That's where the magic happens.

You will see shooting stars, planets, asteroids, aliens (ok maybe not aliens) astronomy events and more. It's a great place to go, it's like you've been transported into outer space for a bit and then brought back to the 'real' world. You feel like you are so close you could reach out and touch the stars.

Coming up over the next few months the Planetarium will be exploring romance in the night, new horizons, Mercury, cosmic castaways, earth, moon & sun, the Gemini program, space stations, the space shuttle and much more.

They offer a full schedule of shows open to the public throughout the year and shows are between 6-8 pm. Adults are only $3 and students/children are $2 but on occasion they offer FREE shows too. Located at 700 N. Mockingbird. For more information you can contact (325) 677-1444. If you've never been this is a must see venue in Abilene.