If you ever wondered if Aerosmith still had it in them to put out a powerful ballad, well wonder no longer.  Check out the new song and video for 'What Could Have Been Love'.

The song is off of their latest album, 'Music From Another Dimension', which is their first studio record in 11 years, and comes out November 6th. Die hard Aerosmith fans can get the deluxe edition, which includes four live performance videos, exclusive interviews with the band, and three new bonus tracks.

The song shows that the band can still pull off a slick power ballad, and it showcases that Steven Tyler still has a great voice.  So, if you loved "Jaded", "Cryin", or "Crazy" from the band, then you're going to love this new song and video from Aerosmith.

Aerosmith 'What Could Have Been Love' Official Video

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