It looks like the movie documentary 'Let It Be' might finally see the light of day some time in 2013. The film's original producer Michael Lindsey-Hogg divulged the information in an interview on WNYC-FM recently, according to Beatles Examiner.  Hogg answered a caller's question about the film saying, 'We have been been working on it pretty much every year for the last couple of years. And the plan is, at the moment, to have it come out, I think, in 2013.'

He went on to say, '(Let It Be will come) after they release Magical Mystery Tour as a special DVD release. And it'll be the film itself, the original film -- the color's great, the soundtrack is perfect -- with a (second) DVD which will be a documentary about the making of the documentary (Let It Be).'

Beatle fans have been waiting on the official release of the movie for decades.  There are obvious reasons why it hasn't been released, the primary of which might be that it was a tense and unhappy time for the band.  That tension is more than evident throughout the documentary.  But it still is a fascinating look inside the workings of the Beatles, and has incredible highlights including the legendary rooftop concert on top of the Apple Studios at 3 Savile Row.  Keep your fingers crossed, and check out a video from the film below:  (via