We’ve seen this over and over again and again.  Crazy sports fans going off the deep end.  Now I understand the emotion involved. I got more than a little upset and some little league games this summer.  However, I didn’t throw any punches and I certainly didn’t bite any cops.  One man did though and that got him arrested.

Sporting event protests are not new, they’ve happened all through history. We’ve seen the craziness that follows a Superbowl, a NBA basketball championship, a college sporting event and now it’s trickling down into kids sports. Not so much the kids though as the parents.

One dad became so angered at the last call, that of course won the game, that he rushed the field shouting profanities.  The officials asked him to leave, he then began making threats. That’s when some off duty police officers stepped in, they too asked him to leave.  Then they began to arrest him that’s when he bit them.  One on the finger the other on the inside (very tender) part of the arm.

Now he is facing felony charges on each of resisting arrest and battery. Plus, there are misdemeanor charges for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

So he goes to the game to enjoy watching the kids play, then gets out of hand, arrested and now faces felony charges. As I said, I understand the emotions getting involved in the games, but we have to do a better job of showing and teaching our youth good sportsmanlike conduct.

We may not like the calls,  they may not be in our favor, but it is after all just a game.  It’s not worth getting arrested over and having felony charges follow you for the rest of your life.  And your kid and others see this all happen in front of their eyes.   We all, including myself, need to take a deep breath and just say “ok, we’ll get’em next time!!”