If you are like me you or your kids got some gift cards for Christmas. Now where to spend them? There are a number of good online sites but I've found a couple of really good ones to point out.

A friend of my mom's told us about this new site called 6pm.com. She had ordered some really cute boots from the site and greatly discounted prices. I checked the site out and it's legit, in fact, it's part of the Amazon family. Not only shoes, but they also have purses, clothes and accessories for men, women and kids. These are name brands too like, Nike, Asics, Calvin Klein, and more.

Zulily.com is a great site especially if you have kids. This site has tons of great stuff (clothing, shoes and toys) for kiddos, plus you can find something for yourself as well. Most of what you find will be about 50% off the original price too.

Amazon.com, of course, is a great place to find all kinds of stuff. The best part of Amazon is the wide variety of products you can find. From books, music, electronics, clothing, jewelry, gardening tools, movies to wine and more. You can find just about anything on Amazon. So go forth and order whatever you want!

Zappos is a great site if you are looking for clothing and shoes for the family. However, they also carry some accessories as well as kitchen and bed/bath products. Name brand products like Uggs, North Face, Nike, Lenox, Kitchen Aid, OXO, and more.

Of course, you can always check out your favorite stores, Macy's, Sears, Penney's, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy etc. for their own online purchases. You don't have to fight the crowds, you don't have to get dressed or leave the house. Just sit in your comfy chair and shop from home and get great discounts.