When you're thinking of  a quick weekend getaway the perfect place is San Angelo to see the famous International Waterlily Collection.

You may not know this but Texas has an official waterlily. In April of 2011 the State Legislature recognized Ken Landon's crossbred lily, known as the Texas Dawn, as the official water lily of Texas.

You can see this unique lily blooming between April and October at Civic League Park in San Angelo. It's free to wander the park and take in the beautiful, premier collection of waterlilies. The display only has 1/2 of 1% of Ken's full collection and is housed in 6 pools located within the park.

This collection is so unique and rare that it brings people from all over the world just to view it. Japan, Thailand, Germany and other countries have visitors stop by to check it out. You only live 90 miles from San Angelo, so there is no excuse to miss seeing this beautiful display on a weekend getaway.