A movie's box office take tells us nothing about whether a kid would enjoy the movie. No child cares how much money a movie makes. When they go to watch a film, they just want to be entertained. So, I took my 13-year old son, Nathan to see 'Jack the Giant Slayer' in 3D and asked him to review it. This may help you decide if the movie (Rated PG-13) is one that your kid would want to see. Check out his video review:

That's 7 beans out of 10. Thanks, Nathan!

In terms of revenue, 'Jack the Giant Slayer' is widely considered to be a box disappointment. Despite finishing #1 in it's first weekend, the Jack and the Beanstalk remake was expected to rake in a lot more than the $28 million it did on opening weekend. But as for Nathan, he liked it well enough to recommend 'Jack' in 3D to his friends, and spend the rest of the day talking about various scenes in the movie.

Dave Wheaton