I remember, like many of you, going fishing when I was a kid. Unfortunately I don't get to do that much anymore. Many kids these days are so into electronics they probably have no idea how much fun fishing and the outdoors can be. That's why the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are hosting free fishing lessons at State Parks this June.

If you are 17 years or older you do need a fishing license to fish on lakes, tanks, ponds, rivers etc. However, what I did not know is that if you are fishing within a State Park then you do not need a fishing license.

The 'Go Fish' program will offer free workshops that will teach the fishing basics and an overview of different types of equipment. This is great, because sometimes, even as adults who have fished in the past, we might need a refresher course. Plus, kids get hands on experience from the professionals. Everything is provided for you. Equipment, bait, lessons and even some door prizes.

There is also a program in place for those who don't own any fishing equipment but want to enjoy the sport. It's called Tackle Loaner program. There are a number of parks that will loan you rods,reels, tackle and more for up to a week.

Although, Abilene isn't offering a Go Fish at our park, there are some within weekend traveling distance. If you are going camping or visiting any of our State Parks at any point this summer be sure to check out the calendar of events to see what is available in that area.

The most important things to remember are have fun and spend time with the family. Those are memories for a lifetime!

Wanted to share a photo too, of my friend, Terry Holloway's, cool catch. She and her daughter go fishing and camping regularly and on their latest trip, last weekend to Abilene State Park, she caught a fish that had a snake (a non-venomous Diamondback Water Snake) attached. She cut the line and the snake took the fish to shore and ate it, hook and all! You never know what you might catch when fishing!

Terry Holloway
Terry Holloway