Where do you travel in the Fall in Texas? Lost Maples State Park if you're smart. Beautiful fall foliage along with camping, hiking, backpacking and more and you will feel like you're in heaven.

Lost Maples State Park is located in Vanderpool, Northeast of San Antonio. Like most parks there are the normal activities like camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, bird watching, picnicking and more. However, it's the fall foliage that makes this park truly remarkable.

The park is home to over 2000 acres of canyons, streams, grasslands and Maple trees. These trees start their color change the last two weeks of October and first two weeks of November making it the perfect fall getaway.

The red, orange, yellow and pink leaves make for beautiful photos and let you know that Fall has settled in for the long haul. You can check the foliage reports from the park each year before making a trip so that you catch the park at it's most beautiful. The report informs you of the colors and changes taking place, weather information and even some current photos to let you know the best time to see the park.

If you can't get to the New England area for Fall color changes then this might be the next best thing and it's just a short afternoon drive down. This would make a great backdrop for  your next family photo or Christmas card. Just another one of Texas' little hidden gems.