Guitarist Neal Schon said in a recent interview that he had extended an open invitation to Steve Perry to join them on the current Journey tour. The band is on the road in support of their latest album 'Eclipse'. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Journey's 'Escape', which is considered their commercial pinnacle, yielding the hit songs 'Don't Stop Believin', 'Open Arms', 'Who's Cryin' Now', and 'Stone In Love'.


Schon said he told Perry during their Hollywood Walk Of Fame presentation, 'It's always an open door. Just come and jam.' He says he told Perry that he wasn't trying to get him back in the band, just inviting him to join them onstage any time.

As for Steve Perry, he is supposedly working on a new solo album, but there's no release date and no news about the project over the past several months. What do you think? Does Steve still have the voice to front Journey these days? Would you like it if the re-joined them as a band member? Check out this video of 'When You Love A Woman' last Journey album to feature Perry on vocals, 'Trial By Fire' (1996). Perry was supposed to tour with the band on this album, but had degenerative bone problems in a hip and never took the stage with the band. By the way Steve Perry is now 62 years old:  (info via