As I sit here in my game attire for tonight's Junior High football game I can't help but think this new California Policy on youth football is stupid. As the video points out we are 'wussifying' our children. They are going to be totally unprepared for what real life holds if we keep this up.

The Northern California Federation Youth Football League (NCFYFL) like most sports organizations have a 'mercy' rule but theirs is going a little too far if you ask me. It states that if a team beats it's opponent by more than 35 points the winning team will fined $200 and the coach will be suspended for 2 weeks. Really?

Now, honestly I can see both sides of the coin here but sometimes in life you lose and you lose big. You are going to punish the winners for being, too good? How about that disappointment the losers feel gets turned into fire, determination, a will to improve. I think they should be taught to be 'good and gracious' losers and learn character rather than to be patronized.

How are you ever going to get better if you only play mediocre teams. If you play the best you strive to be the best. We are only lowering the standard for everyone by doing this. My kid gets down when they get beat but sometimes you need to be handed a little humility to keep you grounded. We get on to him when he says things like 'this team is going to stomp us'. Well if that's the attitude you have before even stepping on the field, then yes, you will probably get stomped. You only get better by playing the best!

What are your thoughts on this new California rule?