I like hamburgers as much as the next person, especially Whataburger's Green Chile Double, but I wouldn't pay an arm and leg for it. However, the latest trend seems to be "gourmet" burgers and in New York it seems it's become a competition to see who can make the most expensive gourmet burger.

'Serendipity 3' is an upscale New York restaurant that makes a burger that costs $295; certified as the most expensive by Guinness Book of World Records.

The burger is made from Kobe beef, infused with white truffle butter mixed with 10 herbs, topped with a quail egg, truffles, and caviar. Placed on a bun flecked with 24kt gold flakes imported from Switzerland and held together with a solid gold, diamond encrusted toothpick. Yes, $295.00 is what it will cost you to purchase this burger and yes, they do sell them.

Now the New York food truck '666 Burgers' thinks this is as ridiculous as I do and they have come up with their own version called the 'Douche' burger. As the owners state, "you can make an expensive burger by using expensive ingredients but it doesn't mean it's going to taste good."

Here's their version of the gourmet burger. They too use Kobe beef, cheese grilled in champagne steam, covered in gold leaf, topped with lobster and foie gras; then supposedly wrapped in 3 $100 bills. Oh, and foie gras is a pate made of goose liver (marinated in Congac) and truffles. I had to look that one up! They have yet to sell one.

So how many of these burgers do you want? If you had the money to blow would you try one?