You can hear the guys crying right now. Reese is off the market!She's cute, perky and down to earth and now married. Reese married Jim Toth whom she has dated since January of last year. They were married at Reese's California ranch this weekend. Both of her children with first husband, Ryan Phillippe, were part of the wedding. She did this without the tabloids getting wind of it and just kept it simple with close family and friends around, only 120 guests were in attendance.

This got me to thinking; what other stars do you feel are down to earth enough that you feel "if I ever met them I think we would hit it off" ? I think Reese, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner, to name a few, seem down to earth enough that you could sit and talk and never get that "hollywood" snob feel from them. Who would be some of your choices?