Hearts are about to break wide open, as rumors abound that the Wanted‘s Siva Kaneswaran, who was once punched in the family jewels by Justin Bieber, is planning to propose to his girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey.

Kaneswaran’s lady love is a luxury shoe designer and he is clearly head over heels if he is planning to pop the question.

NBC Live (quotes courtesy of Contact Music) got (perhaps a little too) personal and asked Kaneswaran if he would “marry this woman,” to which he replied, “Yeah, definitely.”

So Kaneswaran will soon be off the market, much to the dismay of the Wanted’s diehards?

Eh, not so fast.

Bandmate Nathan Sykes interrupted, saying, “He only said that because he knows that she’s watching.”

Nice going, Nathan. You just blew up your bro’s spot by saying that on a national news media outlet. Poor Siva might have had a lot of explaining to do after that comment. He can’t catch a break. First, the news that he got hit in the crotch by The Biebs starts circulating and then his bandmate embarrasses him in an interview!

If indeed Siva Kaneswaran plans to propose to Nareesha McCaffery and marry her, more power to him. Maybe Sykes won’t get invited to the wedding for his comments. We kid, we kid.

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