life hack

Life Hack: Cleaning a Toilet With a Coke
I love life hacks, as you know, but sometimes I wonder if they really work or not. That's why I like to try them out and let you know what my experience was like. I saw this one on our sites last week and it seemed to good to be true. So I decided to give it a try.
Life Hack: How to Peel a Potato Quick & Easy
I love fast and easy, especially when it comes to cooking. When I saw a life hack about peeling potatoes I had to try it. I can tell you I will never peel another potato with a peeler again. This is awesome!
Life Hack: Cleaning Headlights With Toothpaste
I had seen this little trick done before but wasn't sure it really worked. You simply use a little toothpaste to brighten up your car's headlights. I decided to try it out for myself and used my co-workers truck as a guinea pig. To my amazement it actually did work pretty well.
Life Hack – How to Shuck and De-Silk Corn on the Cob The Easy Way
If you're like my family summertime means lots of fresh corn on cob. We grill it, steam it, boil it but no matter how we fix it we always have to shuck and de-silk it and that can be frustrating. Well here is a pretty neat little trick to get that stubborn silk off of your fresh corn on the cob…
Life Hack – Finding Secure Digital Passwords
We all worry about finding secure passwords for all of our online uses. If you are like me you have at least 10 passwords for different things. You may have personal and work emails, bank accounts, social media accounts, online shopping accounts and more that you may or may not use different passwor…
Life Hack: How to Separate an Egg With Ease
Life hacks are quick tips that make your life a whole lot easier. If you are a baker or cook then you know separating eggs can be somewhat difficult, time consuming a the least. So here is a quick tip that will make that job super easy.