Man Makes Best Covert Wedding Proposal Ever
I ran across this video which was posted to Facebook and it caught my eye. It's one of those where you think you know what's going to happen and then get totally surprised by the reality. The video leads you to believe a man has just been caught cheating in front of his girlfriend. Think a…
Soccer Player Fakes Injury to Propose to Girlfriend
One of several reasons I have trouble getting into soccer is that when a player is knocked to the ground, they tend to flail around as if they were picked off by a sniper. What irritates me so much about the sport is what made this marriage proposal work so perfectly.
Man Fakes Death Right Before Proposing to Girlfriend
Before popping the question to his girlfriend, Russian man Alexey Bykov wanted to give her a quick taste of what her life would be like without him. So the 30-year-old businessman hired a stuntman, a make-up artist, actors and even a screenwriter to help him fake his own death.
Man Proposes to Girlfriend After Botched Robbery
Having common interests is one of the keys to a long successful marriage. Sean Foxx and Trelia Woods both share an interest in crime, so perhaps that’s what encouraged Foxx to propose to his sweetie right after the two of them were nabbed by police for trying to rob a …