Taylor Swift is a fan of rap music, and she's never kept that a secret. The country-crossover singer showed off her appreciation recently when she was caught covering a verse of Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'.

Taylor threw out the cover while on air with a radio station in Pittsburgh. The rap itself isn't an easy one to grasp, but Swift handled it nicely. On top of that, she knocked out 'Lose Yourself' while playing guitar. While her version of 'Lose Yourself' lacked the bite of the original, it was impressive enough to share. Take a listen here:

The cool thing about this clip is, Taylor doesn't have to do stuff like this. She is beyond the point of having to drop into radio stations and play songs on her guitar, but she still does. Even better, Swift didn't belt out one of her own chart-toppers that she's performed hundreds of times before. She pulled off a rap that everyone knows, but few can master. Well played, Taylor Swift. Well played.