It's at this time of year we enjoy time with family and friends. It's also a time to be thankful for all we've have. I realize how blessed I am to be doing what I'm doing and living here in Abilene. This is a great place to call home and for those of us living here, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Here are my 10 reasons I'm thankful to be living in Abilene:

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    Abilene is one of the top cities in the U.S. when it comes to short commutes. In fact, the average drive to work in Abilene is about 10 minutes, even though the national numbers say the daily commute is 16.28 minutes. As for traffic jams, those only happen around the Mall of Abilene on a Saturday afternoon, but only if there's been an accident.

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    Job Availability

    I love the fact that Abilene is made up of both white and blue collar workers. The unemployment rate in Abilene is a super low 3.70 percent and considerably much lower than the U.S. average of 6.30%. Plus the job growth rate for Abilene increased by 0.41 percent in the last 12 months. If you want to work, you'll find a job here in Abilene.
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    Schools and Education

    Abilene has been able to get more than a passing grade when it comes to it's curricular activities. However Abilene's three high schools are noted as some of the top high schools, not only in the state of Texas but nationally. Our retention rate is one of the highest in the nation. Besides Abilene's student to teacher ratio is 13:1 and it's 5.4% lower than the state and 20% lower than the National student to teacher ratio.
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    Abilene's Awesome Colleges

    We are very fortunate to have some awesome colleges and universities in Abilene like: Abilene Christian University, Hardin Simmons University, McMurry University, Texas Tech University of Health Sciences, Texas State Technical College and Cisco College. There are other avenues for higher learning like Hendricks School of radiology and nursing schools. If it's higher learning you want, you'll find it in Abilene.

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    Great Weather

    It's been said "if you don't like the weather in Abilene, wait 10 minutes it will change". I believe that's been said about a lot of places. For the most part Abilene has awesome weather. The average temperature is 77 and the average low is 53 degrees. We get about 25 inches of rain, 5 inches of snow and only 69 rain days a year. So, you see we do have great weather here.
    Source: San Angelo Natl. Weather Service

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    Lots of Local Events

    There's always something going on in Abilene. Whether it's Art Walk every second Thursday, Balloon Fest, the West Texas Fair, rodeos, 5k and 10k's, parades, concerts, car shows, plays and most are family friendly. One doesn't have to look hard to find fun and adventure in Abilene. First look at the 'Events Calendar' at the Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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    Low Cost of Living

    I moved away in 2002 and learned very quickly how low the cost of living is, in Abilene. I discovered that taxes, housing, gas and groceries in Kansas were high. Abilene is not known for high wages, however the cost to live in parts of Abilene is pretty low compared to the rest of the country. Abilene housing is less expensive than 82% of the houses in Texas and 90% of similar homes in the U.S. Abilene is pretty sweet in my book when it comes to Cost of living.
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    We Have the Friendliest People

    It's been said that Abilene has the friendliest people. To prove that, have your car break down and someone will stop to see if you need help. I know I've done it at least a couple dozen times. Want more proof just ask our Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau who offers "Hospitality Training" to anyone that wants to learn.

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    Abilene Gets an A-Plus in Amenities

    When it comes to amenities, Abilene is the place to be. Because we have lots of avenues for groceries, shopping, schools, parks, libraries, public transit, entertainment, museums and not to be forgotten, we have our own zoo. All that combined helps Abilene get an A+, according to Area in the amenities department.

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    A Great Place to Raise a Family

    Abilene is a fun and safe place to raise a family. When you take into consideration the low cost of living, schools, local events, churches, weather and a low unemployment rate. I can say with unwavering certainty, Abilene is a great place to live and raise a family.

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