I thought the whole 'bah humbug' thing came with Christmas but apparently for one lady she's starting with Halloween. You may have heard this story discussed on The Bert Show today. A woman (we'll call her the Wicked Witch) has taken it upon herself to hand out notes, instead of candy, to children she thinks to be slightly obese.

I'm afraid this Fargo, North Dakota woman is going to find her home toilet papered, or worse, after handing out these letters. My question though, is why is she handing out candy at all? If she is going to take a health stance on Halloween I would think she should be handing out fruit, health snacks, plastic spider rings or stickers maybe. Anything but candy to some and a mean letter to others.

Woman Plans to Hand Out Notes Instead of Candy to Slightly Obese Children

WFSB 3 Connecticut

What are your thoughts on this?