There's a video circulating on the web of a little boy with a huge voice, belting out a soulful  blues tune in a music store to the amazement of the owner. I watched this video and was just about as surprised as the guy behind the counter appears to be.

The little man in this video sings, then is abruptly stopped by the stunned store owner, then finishes his song. Check it out:

Curiosity got the best of me. After digging around, I found out his name is Brendan MacFarlane, and he's not just a random kid who walked into a guitar shop with his dad and started hammering out a blues tune. He's recorded a CD, has his own website, and while he looks like he's about 8 years old, he's actually 12 at the time of this video (from 2010). There are also several other videos to watch on MacFarlane's YouTube page.

I wonder if the guitar shop owner would be as blown away if he knew what I found out about Brendan. Are you as impressed now that you know a bit more about this kid?