I thought that American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, America's Got Talent and all the other talent shows have found all the talent that there is in the world. But my coworker Vicki directed my attention to this video of a young girl singing karaoke at the mall that made its way to the YouTube, then Facebook, and is now all over the internet. But is the clip as innocent and random as it seems?

Let's look at the facts as we see on the YouTube video. It appears that a very young girl, maybe 13 years old, stops by a karaoke machine in a mall on her way home from school. She grabs the microphone and begins to belt out a professional-grade rendition of the Dolly Parton-turned-Whitney Houston classic 'I Will Always Love You'. What started as a girl goofing around with friends quickly turns into a gathered, stirring crowd who erupts into spontaneous applause for this sweet little girl. Here's the video. Tell me if I got described it well.

Okay. After some mild investigative work, I found out more about this mystery 'random girl' singer who has become an internet sensation.

The person in this video is Zendee Rose Tenerefe. She's 21 - not 13 - and is already kind of a big deal in the Philippines. Tenerefe was a contestant on ‘The X Factor’ Philippines but lost didn't make it past the boot camp stage. We're not sure why, because her voice is amazing. The video was taken shortly before her 'The X Factor' audition.

But wait. There's more. This supposed 'random' karaoke performance has been staged before, making her actions considerably less random. Zendee Rose was videotaped in similar fashion in July, singing the song 'And I Am Telling You', from the Broadway musical and movie, 'Dreamgirls'.


Whether the YouTube video in the mall is random or a hoax, The Ellen Degeneres Show has apparently taken note of Tenerefe, as reports tell us she is expected to make a guest appearance on the daytime talk show.

What do you think of this Zendee Rose Tenerefe's voice? Do you think all of this is just a gimmick?