You may have seen the nominees for the 2012 inductions into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. As always, it's a list that starts a few arguments. A good case can obviously be made for all of this year's prospective inductees, but a better case can likely be made for numerous legendary artists who are NOT in, and worse, not even nominated. It's shameful that Neil Diamond just made it in this year.

Joan Jett, Beastie Boys, and Guns N' Roses area all likely to enter the hall next year. They top the list and are there for good reason. But check out a list of artists and songwriters who are not in the Rock Hall Of Fame. I'm including only the most egregious oversights, in my opinion. Your list may vary: (see info on 2012 nominees at

Moody Blues (arguably invented orchestral rock)
Hall & Oates (the most successful duo in rock history)
Deep Purple (anybody ever heard of 'Smoke On The Water'?)
Bernie Taupin (wrote dozens of legendary songs with Elton John)
Linda Ronstadt (no kidding, she's not in)
Chubby Checker (started the biggest dance craze in history with 'The Twist')
Neil Sedaka (chart hits in three decades and wrote 'Love Will Keep Us Together' for Captain & Tenille)
Herman's Hermits
Paul Revere & The Raiders
Peter Gabriel (inducted with Genesis but not as a solo artist)
The Turtles

I could probably continue for another dozen artists who have been snubbed. Who do you think should be in there? Leave a comment and let me know. I always put the Moody Blues at the top of my list. 'Nights In White Satin' alone should have gotten them inducted years ago. Check out the video: