It was 47 years ago tonight (October 25th, 1964), that the Rolling Stones appeared for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Stones appearance was a lot more brief than the Beatles appearance earlier in the year. In fact, they were on stage for a total of about 7 minutes performing two songs: 'Time Is On My Side' and the Chuck Berry song 'Around And Around'.

The Rolling Stones were a night and day difference to the Beatles in attitude and presentation too. The performance showed off the Stones' unruly image as Brian Jones scowled at the cameras while Mick Jagger mugged for them. They definitely made an impression, and the appearance on Sullivan introduced the band to America at large. The rest, as they say, is rock and roll history. Out now are the Rolling Stones' complete performances from all their appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. You can grab the DVD set in stores now.

Don't forget, the Rolling Stones are our current contender in the 'Battle Of The Ages' versus returning champ Elvis Presley. Be sure to cast your vote here at

Check out the Stones in action on Ed Sullivan's show with the promo montage for the new DVD set:

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