The date was July 8th, 1947 when some form of ‘crash’, in Roswell, New Mexico, ignited chatter about UFOs and Aliens. Some believe in them, some don’t. Regardless, that date marks the launch of Alien fever in our nation.

Some officials claim it was merely a weather balloon. Many others stand firm in their belief that it was an alien manned vessel.

Since then, countless UFO sightings have been ‘witnessed’ around the world.

Honestly, it may have only been a dream, but there is a vivid moment from my childhood that I believe I saw a UFO. Like I said, I may just be recalling a dream, but I do have that vivid memory.

Technically speaking a UFO can be a craft of our own that isn’t immediately identifiable, what I’m talking about is the UFO that comes from space.

What are your thoughts or beliefs about UFOs?

Do you have any first-hand accounts of UFO sightings or alien encounters?

Live long and prosper!