Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of small "mom and Pop" Abilene businesses cut back or shut down altogether. However, Abilene has certainly opened back for business once again. At least, it appears that way to me because of all the new restaurants and other stores opening up for business.

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Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Now, Abilene has become known for having a church on every other corner, and a convenience store on the opposite corner. But now it seems as though a third business is popping up on every third corner in the Key City and it appears to be one of those dollar-type stores or as Wall Street refers to them as standalone small-box discount stores, and they are now all around Abilene.

Am I imagining things or are there more dollar-type stores opening up everywhere you look? As a matter of fact, I noticed that a Dollar General opened up not even 12 months ago during the pandemic off of Hwy 36 and FM 1750 in far Southeast Abilene.

Down the street from where I live, there's a brand new Dollar Tree opening up on Buffalo Gap Road just down the road from the "Big White Mansion. Then, as I was having breakfast at the Dixie Pig on Butternut and South 14th Street I noticed that there is a new Dollar Tree being built there and will be opening up there very soon.

While the two biggest are Dollar General and Dollar Tree is number two the third runner in this game Family Dollar is catching up quickly. All three franchises have opened or are opening stores within the next several weeks. If you need a job, I hear they're hiring.

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

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