There's a lot of negative, bad stuff going on in the world right now and it's sometimes hard to keep a smile on your face. I found something that will do just that though. It's amazing animal rescues that will show you how much good there is out there still, we just don't see it reported as much.

People love animals and when you see them in trouble your heart breaks. Luckily most of us would give our lives for our fur babies; they are a part of our lives just as if they were humans...sometimes more so.

These are some amazing animal rescues performed by people with huge hearts and little concern for themselves. They jump into rushing flood waters, climb tall buildings, plunge into freezing cold water and risk their own safety to help out animals in trouble.

Kind of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling doesn't it...and now you are smiling!

Amazing Animal Rescues That Will Restore Your Faith