So what exactly was the big, game-changing American Horror Story: Roanoke twist that Ryan Murphy said would happen tonight?

Well, as it turns out, it's exactly what everyone thought — but it doesn’t make it any less scary or intriguing.

In a complete 180-degree turn, as foreshadowed at the end of last week’s episode, the cameras now turn to real life and flip the script by following the producer of My Roanoke Nightmare, Sidney, as he pitches his new reality TV show to the presidents of a television network (so meta!).

Apparently, My Roanoke Nightmare was such a smashing success that it is now up to Sydney to pitch his next great, record-breaking television sensation. Proving that you shouldn’t fix what ain’t broke, he pitches the network another horror reality show: Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell.


The premise is simple: to reunite the real life Matt, Shelby and Lee with the actors who “played” them in the dramatization we've watched for the previous five episodes in the same crazy murder house, and then watch them like it’s the newest reincarnation of Big Brother.

Sidney aims to rig the house in order to scare up some ratings and TV drama — but little does he know that the stories he believed to be just television fodder prove to be terrifyingly true.

The show plays catch-up with all the key players: Shelby and Matt have separated because of the show, realizing they could not overcome the horrors in order to better their marriage,. This results in a very public, TMZ-like scandal where Real Shelby cheats on Matt with the man who PLAYED Matt on My Roanoke Nightmare, whose name is actually Dominic.

The actress who played the dramatized version of Agnes the serial-killing Butcher went full on cray, becoming so obsessed with The Butcher that she developed schizophrenia — even going as far as to adapt her same accent and chase innocent bystanders with a cleaver around the streets of LA like a mad woman. She is given a restraining order from the show, but it is in silent hope that her crazy shines through again and ruins the production.

Real Lee is successful, but at the cost of Americans thinking that she killed Mason, Flora’s father. Meanwhile Fake Lee, whose real name is Monet, is now lost in the sauce as a result of the show.

Fake Shelby, otherwise known as Audrey, is a sweet middle-aged actress with a British accent who joins the show with her new fiancé, Irish spitfire Millennial Rory (Evan Peters) who, of course, played the queen in the wig from the last episode.

With all the key players in place to move into this wicked tour de amusement inside the haunted halls of a macabre house, the production is ready to begin — except it doesn’t take long for things to start going awry.

Production finds a demonic ring of sacrificial pig fetuses while setting up the house, a crew member is attacked and killed by a possessed chainsaw, and Sidney’s assistant — the only one who had her wits about her — decides to leave the show. But upon driving away, she's killed by Babe the deadly Pigman in her car; her body still undiscovered.

All of them move in, seven in total, each with their own motives, as if this is the child of Saw and The Real World.

While it seems as if we're watching the resulting show, right before the end of the episode, we are informed that over the course of the three days living under the blood moon, all but one of the participants die. Who lives is unbeknownst to us. In the final fifteen minutes of the episode, with filming officially underway, all hell breaks loose.

Shelby attempts to talk to Matt in an effort to repair a broken relationship, both Lees argue in the kitchen over how the show ruined their lives, and Audrey is visited by walking piece of murderous bacon Pigman as she gets out of the shower.


Ever the dutiful and defensive husband, Rory charges upstairs in order to fight Pigman, only to be stabbed to death by those serial-killing twin Nurse Ratchets. Downstairs, Real Matt notices that the MURDER blood mural on the wall, once unfinished, is now complete with the R proudly shining in fresh blood, signifying that the Roanoke house has claimed its first victim — and that none of them are as safe as they hoped.

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