The Buffalo Gap Historic Village is hosting a special celebration in remembrance of Marshall Tom Hill on the 128th anniversary of his death. This is a nighttime event that starts at 11 PM and lasts until 1 AM. You are encouraged to bring your cameras and recorders as you spend the night in Tom's house where he died. Organizers hope to get a glimpse of Tom's ghost and maybe speak with him. Space is limited so get your tickets early. I'd like to add that this is the same hunt that Pete Beretta went on, when he had the 'Milk Duds' scared out of him.



Ghost Hunting for Marshall Tom Hill


Buffalo Gap Historic Village, Buffalo Gap Texas

Date and Time

  • Friday, August 8th, 2014
  • 11 PM - 1 AM Ghost hunting in the Hill house


  • $35.00 per person, space is limited

More Info.

The Buffalo Gap Historic Village will hold the Tom Hill ghost hunt in the Hill house. No children please, since this is a night ghost hunt on the anniversary of Marshall Tom Hill's death 128 years ago. Please bring your cameras, recorders and extra batteries since it's believed that the spirits drain batteries for power. For tickets or information please call Heather Reed at 325-572-3974.

Photo by: Heather Reed Buffalo Gap Historic Village