Back in March, Avicii took time off for gall bladder surgery. Apparently, he should have taken more time to recover, as now the Swedish EDM DJ has been forced to cancel even more shows to deal with lingering health issues.

In an interview with Billboard, Avicii explains that he hasn't fully recovered more than 6 months after surgery. He said,

"Since my operation, I'd just been going and going, I was dropping weight. I needed to take a break...[after gall bladder surgery] I took a month off, but it wasn't really a month off. I was in the studio 12 hours a day, and then went right back to touring. It's hard to say no in this industry. You want to play everything and be everywhere."

No timetable has been set for his return to performing, which is probably a good idea. The 25-year old is one of the most in-demand DJ's in the business, and has sponsorship deals with Ralph Lauren, Coca Cola and others. But I suppose it's easier to say "no" when your health is failing, and Avicii's serious health struggles have been lingering for more than 2 years.

While his live appearances are on hiatus, new Avicii music will be released over the next several months leading up to the release of 'Stories' follow-up album to his chart-topping 'True'. The new CD has a planned Spring 2015 release.

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