Of the many records that've arrived this fall season to provide us with some much needed sonic solace (and perhaps some self-reflection), Banks' chilly The Altar is one that's yet to come out of heavy rotation.

"Trainwreck" was a standout from the start, so it only makes sense that the singer-songwriter chose to whip out the excellent album track (and/or soon-to-be-single?) live on stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday night (Nov. 11).

Strutting across the stage in thigh-high leather boots (and a generous slit for a fierce leg moment), Banks brooded, angrily quivered and finger-snapped her way through while performing the jagged track — even smacking that mic stand right to the ground in the final few seconds. Quite simply: she was not having it.

If Banks seemed pissed off beyond the song's already damning sentiment, she had good reason: like the hundreds of thousands of protestors who've taken to the streets in the past few days, she too is upset with the U.S. presidential election results.

"LOVE TRUMPS HATE See you lovers tonight ✨," she wrote on Twitter earlier that day, complete with a photo of her makeshift electrical tape Donald Trump protest garb.

"Shocked scared and heartbroken. We're in this together," she tweeted earlier in the week.

With an already ominous-sounding track like this one, that outrage only makes her delivery all the more convincing.

Watch above.

"Talking to ears that have been deaf for as long as I can remember..."

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