To this Texan, there are very few things that smell better than bacon cooking in a cast-iron skillet on a Sunday morning. Just that smell can take me back to childhood. That sound. The sizzle. You can almost even hear it as you read this.

Do you love bacon too? I mean, really love bacon? Because for this job you pretty much have to be all about the bacon. Wright Brand is looking for someone to fill this honor as a part of its 100th-anniversary celebration.

According to tv station FOX 7, you could be the actual mayor of Bacon City USA for the weekend of September 16-17. It all happens in Vernon, Texas, the hometown of Wright Brand bacon. The search is on for the ultimate bacon head who not only picks up the honors but gets in on a lifetime of Wright Brand bacon.

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There's a whole celebration planned complete with food truck competitions and live music from the Randy Rogers band. Of course, the winner of this nationwide search wins a trip with front-row seats for the festival and mayoral induction ceremony.

I know folks that would put bacon on breakfast cereal if they could get away with it. Do you have what it takes to be mayor of Bacon City USA? As part of the application process, people are asked to submit a one-minute video about why they deserve this unique title.

Get original with a song, poem, or anything that displays your love of bacon. The more creative, the better your chances of being inducted mayor. Hurry though, video submissions are being accepted through July 31, 2022.

Check out the official rules and apply today.

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