There are many great movies to watch during Christmas break and you may or may not agree with my 5, but they are some of my favorites. 

First on my list is my all time favorite movie 'White Christmas'. I love the singing and dancing. You just can't beat Bing Crosby's version of 'White Christmas'. This movie is special to me also because every Christmas my cousin, my mom and I would get a 2 liter Dr.Pepper, some snacks and sit and watch 'White Christmas'. We lost my cousin to cancer a few years ago and I miss watching it with her.

Check out the trailer to 'White Christmas'

Next on my list is 'Smoky Mountain Christmas' with Dolly Parton and Lee Majors. It's a cute story that the kids can watch with you.

Here's the trailer to 'Smoky Mountain Christmas'

My next movie isn't exactly a "Christmas" movie per-say but it has that spirit about it and it stars two of my favorite people, Lee Meriwether and James Garner. This is a feel good movie about love, family, friends, growing up and more, check out the trailer for the movie "The Ultimate Gift".

Next up is The Santa Clause, and then 2 and 3 also. All three movies of course star Tim Allen. This is another great family movie(s) that everyone will enjoy.

"The Santa Clause" movie trailer

Last on my list is a classic movie from my childhood; A Christmas Story. Every Christmas Eve the movie was on while we were having our tree at my grandmothers. So the movie just brings back a lot of memories from my childhood, which ironically is what the movie is all about in the first place.

Check out the trailer for "A Christmas Story"

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