Beyonce and Jay-Z are going to be the proud parents of a baby girl, according to a source at In Touch. The source said that Beyonce couldn’t be happier about having a daughter, since she has such a close relationship with her mother, Tina Knowles, and hopes to have that same bond with her baby girl.

“Beyonce is thrilled she’s having a daughter,” the source told In Touch (via Yahoo! UK). “She and her mother are so close, and she’s wanted to have that relationship with her own child.”

When she isn’t releasing music video after music video or promoting her new fragrance, Beyonce has apparently been keeping busy by shopping for her little bundle of joy. According to the source, Queen Bey has been already bought a ton of clothes for her baby girl. The source said, “Her family’s afraid there won’t be anything left to buy for her baby shower in December!”

Although there has been some controversy surrounding Bey’s baby bump, the singer is enjoying her pregnancy and cannot wait to be a mom. She recently said, “It’s going really well, I am so happy with everything right now.”

“I am not nervous because I know it’s happening at the right time,” Beyonce, 30, continued. “I felt I got married at the right time for me, and now we are having the baby at the right time. I feel like we didn’t rush anything, and now we are being blessed with everything naturally.”

We can’t wait to hear what Bey and Jay will name their daughter! She will surely be beautiful and talented just like her parents.

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