For those of you who can't seem to get your day going without that "cup of joe"  I have the problem solved! Well actually credit goes to the folks at  Starbucks.  They are introducing a new bigger size...31 oz to be exact.  It will be called the "Trenta" and will only be available for the iced coffees and tea drinks.  The new size rolls out tomorrow for some and will be nation wide by May 3rd.  It will cost a little more about 50 cents as compared to the current "Venti" size.

So what about those calories?  For those of us watching the waist line that could be a problem with this new larger size but wait it seems that might actually not be the case here.

The world's biggest coffee chain said unsweetened drinks in the new size will have fewer than 90 calories and that sweetened versions will have less than 230 calories.

Great news! I'll see you at the counter with my extra 50 Cents!