A stellar and diverse lineup of artists are performing Buddy Holly songs on a new tribute album scheduled for June 28th. The release coincides with what would have been Buddy's 75th birthday later this year on September 7th. Paul McCartney is contributing 'It's So Easy'. And the artist roster from there gets interesting. Kid Rock is doing 'Well All Right', Graham Nash sings 'Raining In My Heart' (should be incredible), Lou Reed of all people is contributing an edgy version of 'Peggy Sue'.

Innovation and interpretation were encouraged for this project to reflect what the producers are calling Buddy's 'insurgent rebel spirit and outsider's point of view'.   You may recall that Paul McCartney owns publishing rights to the Buddy Holly catalog,  so I'm sure he's extremely happy about the project!  I'm looking forward to hearing this one. You can see a complete track listing and more detail on the project here at Paste.com