Carly Rae Jepsen is from British Columbia, Canada. She began her career competing in the 2007 Canadian Idol season where she came in third. Three years later she released the catchy hit single 'Call Me Maybe'.

In 2008 Carly Rae released her debut single and album on an independent label. That album was Tug of War. By 2011 she was working on her sophomore album which would be released on the 604 Records label. This album would include the hit song 'Call Me Maybe'.

That song, and the fact that Justin Bieber (a fellow Canadian) and Selena Gomez tweeted about it when they heard it, put Carly Rae on the map. Soon after she would sign a U.S. record deal with Scooter Braun, who just happens to be Bieber's manager. Because of her new record deal in the states her album containing the song Call Me Maybe was turned into a 6 song EP and her full length album would then be released by the U.S. label. That album was Kiss and was released, finally, in 2012.

Jepsen became a YouTube sensation, has made TV and promotional appearances, been a Candie's shoes and clothing line spokesperson, made her way to Broadway and more. She is currently working on her third album.

Listen to Call Me Maybe Here