Season 6 ‘American Idol‘ contestant Chris Richardson has released a video for his latest offering, ‘Joy & Pain,’ that follows the singer as he deals with the difficulties of a long-term relationship.

Last year, Richardson delivered the hook on Tyga‘s ‘Far Away,’ so now the Young Money rapper is reciprocating with a verse on ‘Joy & Pain.’ Tyga opens the video, rapping, “But I see it all and I don’t see no flaws / She walk, dress, like a fashion show, I just applaud / Got problems, I be the shoulder to lean on / Nobody perfect, but you a angel with wings on.

Richardson is shown singing to himself, writing in a notebook in his room, and walking down the street with his girl. He supports her while she gets a tattoo and comforts her when she cries. But they also have a nasty fight that ends with yelling.

The video plays out the drama that appears in the lyrics. Richardson explained, “Joy and pain are parts of anything you love. Every relationship experiences an emotional push and pull. The song is about that. We all go through it.”

Richardson is signed to Cash Money Records and his debut album is tentatively planned for release later this year. He added, “I’m just so happy to have my music finally out there for all to hear. It’s been such a long time coming, so much work has been put into this and now I can finally share it with the world. It’s exciting to see my music finally take shape.”