We've got cold weather in the Big Country this week, at least cold to us.  People from up north literally laugh at our definition of cold.

But the cold isn't just limited to the far northern parts of the U.S.  right now.   The Atlanta airport is shut down due to heavy snow, ice, and extreme cold.  They're sure not used to this scenario in the deep south.

Nonetheless when we get into the mid teens in West Texas, we tend to talk about it...a lot.  One thing that's worth talking about is protecting what's important when it gets that far below freezing here.  That applies especially to your pets.  If they're usually outside, it's time to bring them indoors for a few days.

And if you've got outside faucets, cover them up with some kind of insulating material or you could thaw out to some expensive plumbing.

The great thing about cold snaps around here is that they don't hang around for long.  This one is a three day event, followed by temperatures near 60.  It's nice to live in Texas isn't it!?