I love jewelry, the more bling the better I say. However, I think I have found one type of jewelry that I will not be wearing. It's made from dentures. Yes, you read correctly.

A company called Concave Oblivion came up with the denture jewelry concept and they are actually selling these products for people to wear. Now these aren't really teeth that people have worn but they do look like real teeth. The bracelets and hair combs are made of acrylic, resin and plastic that have been cast, shaped, painted and buffed to look like real teeth.

The bracelet, will run you about  $140.00 dollars while the hair combs are in the $50 range per pair and can be purchased on Etsy. It's an interesting concept and definitely a conversation piece but I just can't see myself wearing teeth for jewelry.

What about you; would you wear these?