Well, as many of you know, I have been repainting and refinishing my outdoor table and chairs. I have been documenting my progress (slow as it was) and I can now present you with the finished project. I finally completed the painting and reassembly of my 'new' table and chairs. If you've been following along, I first intended to stain the table and chairs but once I got to sanding, I realized the table was pressed wood not real wood. That meant I had to rethink the staining and turn to painting.

Once I completed the sanding and picked out my paint color it was a matter of finding the time, and having weather co-operate, to get it finished. I enlisted the help of my mom and the kiddo to get the chair pieces painted. Those pieces were small enough to be done in the garage, the table would have to stay outside. That meant finding a day with very little wind.....we live in West Texas, not an easy task.

This weekend was perfect so I finally got the table finished Saturday and everything put back together Sunday. I think it looks great, and it matches my other outdoor furniture perfectly! Now I'm ready for summer to get here so we can enjoy it!


Shay Hill


Shay Hill