Sometimes the best Valentine gift is one from the heart. It's not about how much you spend but the time you put into it. For example, I could go to the store and buy a card but has someone else's design and sentiment not mine. A hand made card can mean so much more.

I've made cards for friends and family for many years. I used what was handy, maybe some photos, stickers, colored pencils, glue, ribbon and such. I found that the recipient tends to keep these cards instead of trashing them. Why? Because they meant something personal between the two of us; a fun trip with a friend, a special date with my man or just because I took the time to sit and make it.

This past weekend I helped my mom and some friends to a church project where they were making handmade Valentine's cards to send to men and women in nursing homes. We put together some cutouts and designed some cute and fun cards. Then the ladies at the church will put them together, sign them all and send them off.

Some of these were done with special scrapbooking tools that my mom has but you could do this with simple cut outs and stickers from the hobby store as well. Just give it some thought, design your card with love and write your own sentiment inside. I guarantee it will mean much more to your love than anything you could buy at the store.

Here are a few examples of some cards I designed.