There are many reasons that attract folks to Abilene. Jobs, Dyess Air Force Base, the people, the nightlife, I could go on and on. Abilene has definitely grown since I've lived here last. New businesses and stores, even new districts in town.

But what about the universities in Abilene? Are they a draw to this area? You better believe it. Abilene's universities are among the finest in the area with long heritages. Hundreds of young men and women make the commitment. The attraction is definitely there with many people seeking higher knowledge right here in Abilene.

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A great example is Abilene Christian University. It's a massive part of the Abilene community. Many students begin preparing for professional careers at this school. This includes some people you may or may not know. Either way, the great thing is that they all went on to do some pretty cool monumental things.

If you're into famous folks, you'll love this. Scroll with me and we'll look at some very well-known people, musicians, and more who are all Abilene Christian University alumni.

Look: Do You Recognize These Famous Abilene Christian University Alumni?

That's an impressive list of not only top-notch musical talent but leaders, political figureheads, and company presidents. I had forgotten about Ronnie Dunn and Aaron Watson. I missed going to high school with Aaron Watson. We both went to the same school but not at the same time.

Although that's only a snapshot of the great accomplishments Abilene Christian University alumni make, there are many others from this area who have gone on to do some pretty cool things as well. Scroll on to see some of these big names and what they're up to now.

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