Welcome to the "Empty Nest Syndrome." Quite a few of my friends dropped their kids off at college for the very first time and now are feeling a little depressed and twiddling their thumbs saying "Now what?"  Luckily, you won't be saying that for too long.

According to a new study in the Huffington Post, the Empty Nest Syndrome lasts three months and 14 days. So get ready because that will be about Christmas time. Your child will come home from his or her first semester at college and you will probably already have big plans for their bedroom. You'll also realize that their schedule just might interfere with your plans. Sure, you'll have missed them but by Christmas you'll begin to feel a purpose again. Maybe even look forward to traveling with your spouse or have explored a new hobby.

The study shows that dads got over the empty nest feeling about two weeks faster than the moms. If you're going through this right now, just hang in there. It's going to take a while to switch gears of always being busy doing something for your child to thinking about yourself for a change.