In there latest video Dude Perfect take their show all the way to Washington State where they meet up with Super Bowl Champs Russell Wilson and Head Coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks. These trick shots prove why they have a Super Bowl championship.

Former University of Wisconsin QB, turned Seattle Seahawk, Russell Wilson proves why he has a Super Bowl ring. He's got great aim that allows for some pretty great trick shots set up by Dude Perfect. For example, the ring toss - putting a football through a small ring tossed into the air, or target practice - hitting targets in the stands with the ball. Then they get head coach Carroll in on the action as well. Carroll has his specials like the classic or just finding things to hit, like a rope or a man carrying a board.

Check out some of the fun the guys had while visiting Seattle.

Watch Dude Perfect, Coach Carroll and Russell Wilson Trick Shots Here

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