As Teen Wolf says goodbye to rabid fans ahead of its sixth and final season, a former star has returned to say hello.

Dylan O'Brien, who left the show after Season 5 to film Maze Runner — and only filmed a few quick shots for Season 6 — popped up at a San Diego Comic-Con panel yesterday (July 20), according to The Hollywood Reporterand drove fans wild. O'Brien got emotional as he remembered being cast for the role of Stiles, his first big break in Hollywood.

"It's nothing but emotional now that it's over," O'Brien said. "For me, this will always be such a special thing. This was my first part ever. I still remember getting the call from my manager that I got the part of Stiles. The fact that it's seven years later, it's just amazing. It's been a family and it will always be a family. I'll always miss this character and this show. It's sad. It makes me super-emotional. I'm getting shaky just talking about it right now."

Teen Wolf premiered on MTV in 2011 and was a smash success for the network, drawing nearly three-million live viewers during its Season 3 peak in 2014. The first episode of the back half of Season 6 premieres on July 30.

The Teen Wolf Cast Turns it Out at the 2016 VMAs:

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