Halloween, right now it's all about Halloween. Have you decided what you'll dress up as? A recent survey from Goodwill shows that 83% of adults will be dressing up for the big night.

That may seem like a lot of people. Yes, some will be dressed for Halloween parties but others will be dressing up to hand out candy. The survey also showed that about 40% of parents will be dressing up to bring their kids Trick or Treating.

I found this great video of how to do this skull make up. I love this idea and just like she says in the video, once the make up is done you really could just wear anything. You don't need a skull suit. You are ready to go.

This tutorial is of course great for girls but guys you'll learn something here too on the contouring of the face. It's a quick video as well. Some of these videos try to suck you in for 20 to 30 minutes! Ugh, who has that kind of time?