I was posting my official music videos for Emeli Sande and, in doing so, ran across some very interesting information. There is much more to Sande than meets the eye. She is extremely smart and incredibly shy. Check out some of the cool facts I found out about Sande.

Emeli is Scottish raised; born to an English mother and a Zambian father. Her father was a teacher at the same Academy that Sande attended. She says she was very well behaved, nerdy and shy.

By the age of 16, Emeli could have signed a recording contract but chose education over music. She attended the University of Glasgow where she studied medicine and obtained a degree in neuroscience, however, she still has about 18 months left to actually become a doctor. Although music was still on her mind, Sande attended University so that if she didn't succeed in music she would have something to fall back on.

Sande goes by her middle name, Emeli, because another artist was already making huge waves in the music business under her same first name, Adele. Sande released her first solo single in 2011 and debut album was released in February of 2012. That was a big year for Sande as she also married longtime boyfriend, marine biologist Adam Gouraguine.

Sande continues to write and work on a sophomore album due out soon.