Erika Jayne's "How Many" is one of the most satisfying, middle fingers-aloft odes to f--klessness we've heard thus far this year. And now, being the charitable Queen she is, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills breakout star has given her Christina Aguilera-approved track the official remix treatment.

How many remixes, exactly? Four! How many f--ks? Mmm...still none. Not one!

Right in time for Pride season, as our Instagram feeds fill with shirtless muscle men on beaches and our Facebook statuses spill over with Fire Island #drama, the chart-topping dance diva has once again embraced her role as a Certified LGBTQ Icon™ by serving up four throbbing, pulse-rising, poppers o'clock re-rubs of her f--ksfree original by the likes of Autoerotique, DJLW, Dave Aude and RNG. When will Bethenny ever? Zero, zero, zero. Done!

Toss these mixes on the Pride playlist, throw on your the teased out blonde wig you've got stuffed somewhere in the back of your closet, and prepare to leave all your remaining f--ks on the dance floor, right next to your long-abandoned sense of shame.

Erika Jayne RHOBH Gif

GIF via RealityTVGIFs.

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