If you’re a reality fan, you'll already know that this season of Bravo’s soap-y mega-hit Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has one standout new cast member: Erika Girardi, a cool, calm and to-the-point presence. On a show usually weighed down by 90210 air-kissing — and of course, drama — she’s proven to be a fresh POV for the audience and cast alike.

Not only that, Erika Jayne — Girardi’s dance-pop alter ego — is getting plenty of airtime too.

Since 2007, Erika Jayne has racked up a cult following and eight No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart. Her music career has also provided controversial fodder for the Bravo show, with Bethenny Frankel raising her eyebrows at the saucy video for "Painkillr" while costume designer-to-the-stars Marco Marco fits Erika into a skintight catsuit.

Tonight’s episode sees the show’s cast finally getting their chance to see Erika Jayne live, as she takes the stage at a gay club in San Diego. Will they fall in love with the blonde bombshell act, or will they stay unimpressed? Either way, now is your time to dive into the glossy, guilty pleasure dance-pop of Jayne’s back catalogue.

"One Hot Pleasure"

2011 saw Jayne delivering the kind of saucy floor-filler that would still sound fresh if some big name pop titan released the same track today. Dave Audé’s slinky synth intro turns into a bass-driven, rave-ready dance-pop jam with plenty of unashamed sex appeal. The track’s video mixes together choreography, camp and plenty of glam too. If Britney and Kylie teamed up for a David Guetta track circa 2011, it would probably have sounded like this.

"Crazy (feat. Maino)"

2015 hit "Crazy" sees Erika go for a more low-slung disco-pop groove, with a breezy hook that would sound good on any summer playlist. With production from hip-hop heavyweight Scott Storch, "Crazy" is slick, infectious and carefree. The hyper-sexual video plays a bit like Xtina’s "Dirrty," with a touch of Miley circa Bangerz too.

"Party People (Ignite the World)"

Jayne landed another club No. 1 with this fizzy pop number in early 2012, and it’s got the kind of busy ear-worm of a hook that lodges in your head in one go. Sure, the “get on the floor” theme isn’t new, but as dancefloor bubblegum goes, this one is hard to resist. The video, with its multiple dance-drenched set-ups and eye candy (both male and female), is the kind of glossy, big budget production that shows Erika Jayne isn’t afraid to splash out, despite releasing her music independent of a major label.

"Painkillr (Oliver Twizt Remix)"

This video has already caught the eye of Erika’s Bravo castmates, and it’s hard to blame them: The 2014 visual may be shot in black and white, but that’s all that’s traditional about this raunchy pop clip, directed by Mickey Medne, who features on RHOBH with Jayne and has helmed many of her videos. Saucy set ups, and the kind of twirl-and-drop it low choreography that would make even Madonna blush, this is super suggestive stuff. But then, should you expect any less from an artist who is happy to practice her “pat the puss” moves on reality TV? The Oliver Twizt remix in the clip is a hard-edged club banger with a dark side and a to-the-point drop, taking the horns and funk touches of the original away for a more pulse-pounding affair.

"Pretty Mess (Dave Audé Remix)"

Jayne’s early dance hits were a little more high-camp then hard-edged EDM and you can see that playful diva side on this 2010 club chart topper. Remixed by Dave Audé, the video version is an over-the-top dance-pop guilty pleasure shot through with more than a few knowing winks. The video itself, with its leather-clad androgynous dancers and a tiara-wearing Jayne declaring herself a “back door mat” (hello, single entendre!) also features a Britney-esque dance break that includes enough thrusts and hair-flips to put bigger pop stars to shame. As “feeling your oats” treadmill jams go, you could do far worse than this.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs tonight at 9 PM ET.


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